About us

Harmony Air Conditioning – Sydney’s trusted air conditioning repair and installation specialists

With over 30 years’ combined experience in the industry, Harmony Air Conditioning has refined its set of services to cater for those who would rather have their trusted air conditioning units repaired to spare the expense of replacing them. As such, we have honed our knowledge and expertise to allow for an exceptional, residential repair service, going above and beyond to ensure your climate control systems are working as they should.

Harmony Air Conditioning was established following the realisation as to how many air conditioning units can be repaired rather than discarded every year, resulting in huge expenses to both you in buying a new system and the impact on the environment once the old unit is discarded.

As such, Harmony Air Conditioning has ensured that our technicians are qualified, certified and insured to the highest extents to allow for a seamless repair service across all leading brand names including; Temperzone, Daikin, LG, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Kelvinator and more. Whether you’re in need of a major repair throughout your home’s integrated air conditioning system, a simple fix on a standalone unit or an affordable alternative to your existing system, Harmony Air Conditioning are equipped to handle; Home split ducted air conditioning systems, ducted reverse cycle units and a wide range of wall-mounted units.

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Harmony Air Conditioning prides itself on providing our services based on the following three core values:

Communication and Care

By maintaining a high level of communication with our customers, we can ensure that every element of their air conditioning needs are met and catered for above and beyond their expectations. A solid communication stream will allow for you, as our client, to understand every step in the repair and installation process as a means to prevent any unwanted surprises and offer real peace of mind.

Quality is Key

Many companies have lost all sense of the notions behind “quality”, working on projects as if the clients behind them were just a number. This often results in poor levels of customer care and the potential to lose clients in the future. Our mission is to provide the utmost quality over every aspect of our repairs so that you can rest assured that your air conditioning systems will continue to run as they should.

Devotion to Mutual Benefit

Mutual benefit is a simple concept that allows for both parties, you and us, to benefit from the services we deliver. How?  By providing exceptional workmanship and a level of customer care to suit, our clients are more likely to inform their family, friends and colleagues of our services, thereby allowing us to grow our business organically. Therefore you, as our client, receive a service that you’re proud of and we increase our likelihood of bringing in more clients. Your satisfaction leads to our growth – this is mutual benefit.